Sourced from fine and more sustainable fabrics, we focus on un-complicating the world of luxury by creating one piece that can take you on any journey. Bold in print and color, we believe that each Partou thrives traveling from city to city and being styled in a way that matches the unique energy of your current location. From St Tropez to New York City to the Bahamas, Partou takes you to wherever you want to go. Intended to spark that special something that helps inspire dreams and to live without thinking.

Andréa Marcucci first fell in love with fashion through the lens of her favorite magazines. Longing for a future filled with endless European holidays and extravagant wardrobes, she found herself meeting her expectations and rising through the ranks in the commercial advertising world. Over two decades, she worked directly alongside top directors and artists, giving her the insider take on the way the industry operated and how the people in it moved. Still longing for that intimate connection with the more glamorous side of fashion, she propelled into her second career, following her instincts and bringing her dream to life through with the launch of Partou Soleil. A lifestyle brand that explores personal affinity rather than trends.

Experiencing life across the globe reignited her drive to turn her dream into a business and more importantly a lifestyle. Andréa currently resides between New York City, France and the Bahamas, balancing her life as the creative force behind Partou Soleil. She is the empowering voice behind the podcast What Do You Believe which shares the stories of success and struggles of people from all walks of life.